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Living Water International

Living Water International exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately-needed clean water through the implementation of participatory, community-based water, sanitation and hygiene solutions in over 18 developing countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. The organization has completed over 21,000 water projects daily impacting over 6MM people as part of their ongoing commitment to provide water, for life, in Jesus’ name. Living Water’s end goal is to see holistic behavior change by supporting the local church and equipping local people to serve their own communities. For more information, visit

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New City Kids

New City Kids offers after school programming for local low-income youth in Grand Rapids. Children and teens get a chance to explore music and academics in a creative and fun environment. Though there are many challenges of urban life, especially for youth, these programs give children a safe place to feel and hear that they are valued and loved. New City Kids aims to draw children into hope by developing in them skills, talents, and desires for their future. By surrounding them with a community of love and development, we strive to set youth on a path of transformation that will carry them forward for the rest of their lives. For more information, visit

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Know another great cause?

The Purpose Coffee Co Foundation was created to ensure every cup matters by giving back a significant portion of its profits and other gifts that come in from our stakeholders to our sourcing partners abroad, life-giving ministries in West Michigan, and projects that matter globally.

If you know a great cause, would like to learn more or give directly to the foundation, please Contact Us.